Bear Cub Lodging

1123 Patricia Street, Jasper, Alberta

1123 Patricia Street, Jasper, Alberta

is a home accommodation suite of six rooms in the home of Emil and Gina Jabs at 1123 Patricia Street, Jasper, Alberta, the heart of Jasper National Park. It can accommodate 4 guests, including children over 12.

Emil and Gina look forward to being part of your holiday in the Canadian Rockies. Their suite will become your vacation home away from home while you explore the beauty of Jasper National Park.

They urge you to have a look through this web site as you plan your vacation.

Explore our site to learn about the suite itself, the rates and conditions you can expect, where Jasper is located, where in Jasper they are located and a little about the attractions of Jasper National Park.

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Emil and Gina also operate The Gingerbread Cabin located in Jasper East just outside the East Gate of Jasper National Park in Folding Mountain Village.